How does adultery affect divorce in Florida?

How does adultery affect divorce in Florida?

In a no-fault divorce state, neither spouse must show that the other had committed wrongdoing to get a divorce. However, infidelity can affect several crucial aspects of a divorce case. In this article, we will find the answer: how does adultery affect divorce in Florida?

Impact of Adultery on Your Florida Divorce  

1- Property Division

There are several instances where adultery will not significantly affect assets division. The economic consequences of the adulterous connection are typically the deciding factor. For instance, the dissipation of assets occurs when there is proof that lavish presents were purchased for someone else or hotel rooms were booked to carry out the affair.

2- Alimony (Spousal Support)

Florida’s alimony laws expressly grant family law courts the right to take adultery and its circumstances into account to calculate the amount and length of an alimony award.

You should speak with a qualified divorce attorney about your case if adultery is a factor in your divorce, and you may be required to pay alimony or that you are owed it. 

3- Child Custody & Visitation

Florida’s child custody and visitation disputes are settled following the state’s “best interests of the child” provision. The “moral fitness of the parents” is one of the specified criteria that Florida courts take into account when resolving custody/visitation disputes. Adultery might be considered proof of inadequate moral fitness by a Florida court.

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