How to File for Divorce in Florida Without a Spouse?

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Divorce decision-making is challenging enough without additional issues. It can make things much more challenging and stressful if your spouse is uncooperative and does not sign the divorce paperwork.

If your husband doesn’t sign the divorce papers, you might be wondering what to do next, even if you’re eager to move forward and finish the process as quickly as possible to continue your life.

Therefore, if you are unsure how to file for divorce in Florida without a spouse, keep reading. In this circumstance, the best course of action is to consult a Florida divorce attorney; you should already be working with one. However, your spouse won’t sign the papers if you’re ready for a divorce.

What to do if your spouse won’t sign the divorce papers?

Please get in touch with a Florida divorce lawyer immediately if your partner refuses to sign the divorce papers. You can get their assistance with divorce paperwork preparation and court filing. You can get help from your divorce attorney with additional issues about child custody and your divorce.

You shouldn’t put too much stress on yourself if you’re getting ready to get a divorce in Florida and you don’t think your spouse will consent to sign the divorce papers or if they have already declined to do so.

Anywhere in the world, even in Florida, divorce may undoubtedly be stressful and painful. However, you can handle your case as effectively as possible by hiring a divorce attorney.

How to file for divorce when a spouse is out of state?

Relocating following a divorce is not unusual. When couples no longer reside in the same state, getting a divorce is more complicated. Sometimes a spouse will relocate to another state immediately following a recent divorce. In some situations, the partners have maintained different lifestyles in various places for a long time. The possibility of divorce exists even when spouses reside in distant states. Continue reading to find out how to file for divorce when a spouse is out of state.


When couples file for divorce, “jurisdiction” refers to the state’s control over their union. Each state has specific jurisdictional requirements that must be followed. When and how a spouse can file for divorce depends on both states’ rules.

Residence Recommendation

Only states where both spouses satisfy specific residency requirements allow for the filing of divorces. A spouse must reside in a state for a specific time to be eligible to file for divorce, which varies by state. You must ensure you are well prepared to show proof of your residency.

Choice of Law

It could not matter in which state you file for divorce. There are differences in how various states handle divorce-related issues. Filing a case in another court might be advantageous if one of the potential courts cannot decide on a particular issue.

Notice and File the Case

Having the other spouse “served” is the most straightforward approach to prove that they received your complaint or divorce petition. The required paperwork is delivered by a process server, sheriff, or another appropriate official. There may be more choices, such as sending the documents by certified mail.


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