How to File for Divorce in Florida Without an Attorney?

How to File for Divorce in Florida Without an Attorney

Divorce is a challenging phase of your life. Couples consider several things when filing for divorce. If you are looking for the process, here’s how to file for divorce in Florida without an attorney.

Meeting the Requirements of Florida Residency

You must ensure that you satisfy all of Florida’s divorce standards if you wish to get a divorce. One is relocating to the state and staying there for at least six months. The court will not be able to hear your case if you don’t comply with this condition.

Petition of Dissolution of Marriage

Submitting a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage should be the initial document to obtain a divorce in Florida. You must create copies of the documents and submit them to the circuit court in the county where you currently reside or where you previously shared housing with your ex-spouse to file for divorce. The court clerk will stamp the paperwork and return the original papers once you’ve paid the filing fee.

Submitting Copy to Your Spouse

Serving your spouse alerts them in writing that you are beginning the divorce process. According to the legislation, you cannot provide the service independently in Florida. You must hire a person to have the divorce papers served in your case. Depending on the county, different costs will apply to their services.

Finalizing Florida Marital Settlement Agreement

You must write your Settlement Agreement if you obtain a divorce without a lawyer. This paper is crucial to include in your Florida divorce folder. The more details you have in each component, the less probable disagreements will surface after receiving a divorce decree.

Attending A Divorce Hearing

One of the final procedures for dissolving your marriage is the final hearing. The Petitioner must be present at the final divorce hearing to respond to the judge’s inquiries. Uncontested hearings are typically relatively brief, and if you follow the correct court procedure, there won’t be any problems.

Filing the Final Disposition

Getting a Final Decree of Divorce is the final stage in the divorce process. You are exempt from completing this form if your spouse has anĀ agreement with you. Your divorce will be considered legally finalized after a Decree is signed.

How long does a divorce take in Florida?

The complexity of the case and the parties’ willingness to cooperate impact how long does a divorce in Florida takes. Florida mandates a minimum 20-day hold between divorce filing and finalization.

Uncontested divorces can be settled in as little as four weeks in some cases, but they can also take six months or longer.

How Long Does a Florida Uncontested Divorce Take?

An amiable divorce suggests that you and your spouse are willing to work together and eager to end your divorce in an advantageous way. Uncontested divorces are required to concur on all significant divorce issues, such as child custody, the division of assets and debts, spousal support, etc.

How much effort and passion you put into the case will determine how long it takes to dissolve a marriage after filing for divorce, according to an experienced lawyer.

How long does divorce happen online?

It takes around an hour to complete the forms online and file them, either individually or utilizing the official local court’s website, when getting a divorce in Florida through the Internet.

Some platforms even provide bundles that include serving your spouse and submitting paperwork, which speeds up the process and makes it more efficient. As a result, you may complete and evaluate your documents in as little as two days rather than taking a few weeks to prepare.

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