How to File for Divorce in Florida?

How to File for Divorce in Florida?

Even while starting the divorce process can be easier than one might imagine, it is never simple. The regular and simplified dissolution procedures are established by state legislation. Each form has instructions on how to progress in it. Identifying the process that will work best is the first step. Here is some crucial information on how to file for divorce in Florida.

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

The cheapest and least unpleasant kinds of divorces are those that are streamlined. Couples must agree on how they will divide their assets and liabilities to be eligible for a streamlined divorce. There cannot be any minor children from the marriage or an unborn child at the time of the application. If these conditions are satisfied, both parties must sign the petition for simple dissolution and show up in person for the final hearing. The divorcing pair must fill out a “family court cover sheet” after demonstrating residency and paying filing fees.

Regular Dissolution of Marriage

When a couple decides to end their marriage, a dissolution of marriage petition must be filed at the local circuit court where they currently reside or last shared a residence. Contrary to a streamlined dissolution, an agreement between the parties is unnecessary. The divorce is considered uncontested if the partner served with the divorce lawsuit doesn’t reply within 20 days. A final hearing can be scheduled for an uncontested divorce.

Publicly Available Forms and Resources

Every Florida dissolution of marriage form is available for download as a PDF or Word document from the state’s self-help center. Additionally, the state court system offers DIY guidance for people without legal representation and a great starting point page.

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